Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog

Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog
Zeke is believed to be a Puggle

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Embroidered Collars for Diabetic Dogs - Or For Any Dogs

Today I would like to share an awesome website that I recently came across online.    What caught my attention on the Shop Tough Gear site is this amazing embroidered dog collar.

If you have ever lost a dog then you know the importance of having your dogs phone number on the collar so that if someone finds the dog they can call you.  In the past I have always used engraved dog tags on my dogs collars.  But did you know that these tags almost always eventually fall off.  I cannot tell you how many dog tags my dogs have lost over the years.  That is why I totally love this embroidered dog collar.   Your dogs collar cannot lose your phone number this way.

The collars are made of bamboo and are hypoallergenic and will not irritate your dogs neck. This is important if your dog has skin issues.  These are premium bamboo dog collars and any information that you desire can be embroidered onto the collars.   They can even put the message "Diabetic Dog" on the collar and your vets phone number.

Another great product that Shop Tough Gear offers is LED Safety Paw Collar  There are may poor quality LED collars on the market.   The ones offered by Shop Tough Gear are produced with premium materials and name brand batteries. The seams are tough and the tag rings are strong.  They even offer USB LED collars.

How to Locate your Pet using a Lost Pet Searching Service

There are many pet recovery services that will help you in locating your lost pet. Some lost pet searching services may use of a bloodhound to locate you pet. Other services are available online as a search registry for lost and / or stolen pets. Below you will find detail on a few respectable lost pets services that are available today.

Bloodhound Search Services

They have the ability to differentiate fragrance and scent more than a thousand times over a human’s ability to smell. The bloodhound's perseverance on a trail is credited to its dominant long snout that leads the way, and its vital supportive features that make this breed to go-to in search and rescue. You may ask if a bloodhound be trained and skilled in locating your lost pet, and the answer is, yes. The bloodhound has unique qualities to smell its target -- by using its trailing scent, it can distinguish between the target’s scent and many other scents. When the bloodhound is trailing a particular odor, it can locate you missing pet.

Search Lost Pet Data Base

You can search online and find numerous online databases that serve lost and found pets. You simply enter your location and some information about your dog and submit. The next step is to begin searching through the found dog listings. Many people who find pets will post the picture on the found websites with detailed description of the pet as well as location where the pet was found -- making it easier for the lost pet’s parents to skim through and locate.

These websites will also provide you with tips on what you can do after submitting your lost pet information online.

A few tips you may find on these online search database websites is:

 Take a picture of your dog with you
  •  Take a flashlight
  •  Take a whistle
  •  Search Shelters
  •  Search Veterinarians clinics and hospitals

Use a Pet Classified Service

There are quite a few ways to post a classified ad regarding your lost pet, however it is recommended that you use one of the major, most viewed pet classified ad services online. This will ensure that more people will see the ad and increase the chance of your lost furry child being found and returned home to you and your family.
Additionally, if you have found a pet, call the number on the tag right away or post on ad on one if the major pet finder ad websites. The parents of this wonderful pet are looking, and you can improve the chance of reuniting the pet with his or her loved ones.

Take a picture and be very descriptive when using the online ad services. The more details you can include the better the result.

For most, their animals are more than just pets. These pets are actual members of a family and losing one can cause fright, fear, and terrible heartache. Microchips, posters, ads and pet rescue services are there to both prevent a pet from being lost and locate you missing pet.

Homemade Pet Food Book

When Zeke was alive he was on a diet of mostly or I guess I should say all meat, cooked meat of course.  He had gotten spoiled as a young dog and got to the point where he refused to eat anything but meat (no dog food ever).  I guess I should have sought out some home made pet food recipes for him but I just gave him whatever meat we were having for dinner.  Or maybe some boiled chicken or some cooked hamburger meat.  The vets would always look at me strange but then they would agree that he was doing so well and acknowledge that he refused to eat anything but meat and of course they did not want him not to eat so then they would just agree that ok, this is the way Zeke is.   

I recently came across this e-book on Amazon that contains home made pet food recipes and wish I would have found it while Zeke was still alive. 
Healthy Homemade Pet Food Cookbook ebook is full of good, natural, home made pet food recipes that will result in a healthier and happier pet.

Complications from Dog Cataract Surgery - Glaucoma

Our poor Zeke is now deceased.  He passed away in August 2012.  I am now going back and writing more about what I learned by taking care of my diabetic dog.   While I was busy treating Zekes diabetes I did not have time to do too good of a job writing about it.  In the end Zeke had diabetes, glaucoma in one eye, kidney failure, and we are not sure what else.  It seemed like I was at the vets 3 times a week either to see the vet or to pick up medications or iv fluids or something but I was glad to do it for him.

Within a few days of his cataract surgery Zeke developed glaucoma in his left eye.  We are not sure why but I know that a few days after the surgery he jumped from my bed to the floor which is about a 3 foot jump.    I don't know if this was the cause or not.   From doing research online I learned that glaucoma can be one of the complications of dog cataract surgery.   Dr. Ebbinger thought that the retina had detached and that the glaucoma was a result from the detached retina. The pressure in Zekes right eye had went so high that it had ruined his vision and would be blind in that eye.

The glaucoma required constant treatment with eye drops with 4 differnet types of eye drops.  The drops were Dorzolamide (generic for Trusopt), Timolol (generic) Prednisone, and Travitan.  It was pretty expensive to keep buying the drops but he definitely needed them.  We also need to get Zekes eye pressures checked every 3 months to make sure that the pressure was staying down.

Fortunately Zekes right eye was perfect until the retina in that eye detached for unknown reasons about 4 years after the surgery.  When the right retina detached it was about the time that Zeke had a circling incident.  I had found him very disoriented one night and he was circling and trying to figure out where he was.  That lasted about 30 minutes and he seemed to recover within a day or so except I felt that he could not see at all.  I took him to his regular vet who said it could be a vestibular disorder of the ear or a brain tumor.  She could not explain the loss of vision so I took him to the veterinary opthamologist who confirmed that his right retina had detached and this was the reason for his loss of vision.

Zeke gained an addiitonal 4 years of sight in his right eye and we were very thankful for that.  

Bitsy, Our New Puggle Dog

It is hard to believe that in a few weeks it will be 6 months that Zeke has been gone.   We were very sad to see him go.  He had lived a good long life and would have been 16 had he lived another 3 months.   
I had taken my son on vacation to Washington DC at the end of August.   My husband called me on a Sunday morning and said that Zeke had some sort of seizures in the night and was pretty out of it and that he was trying to find a vet.  I knew this was the end.  This would be Zekes third occurence of seizures in about 6 months time.   The first two he seemed to recover from pretty quickly.  But this time the vet that my husband took him to thought he was suffering and recommended that he be euthanized.   It was very sad, fortunately it happened on the last day of my vacation and not at the beginning.    I just felt terrible that I was not there for Zeke in his final hours.  

We missed Zeke alot and our house was so gloomy after he passed.  A few days later we  adopted another puggle (cross of a pug and beagle) named Bitsy from a local shelter Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue in Belleville, MI.  Bitsy is a very sweet, energetic almost 2 year old puppy and she shares alot of personality traits that Zeke had.  

We had met Bitsy a few weeks earlier at a pet event at the local Tractor Supply store.  I had taken Zeke with me to get his nails trimmed.  He and Bitsy touched noses so I feel like he kind of approved of her. After he passed I contacted the shelter to see if she was still available and she was.   I had thought we would wait a while after Zekes passing but I knew that Bitsy being such a nice young puppy would be gone if we waited too long.    She was such a jumping, crazy puppy and it was hard to be sad with her jumping up and licking your face all the time.  It was definitely the right thing to do.  Here is photo of Bitsy on a Puggle Christmas Card I designed in my Zazzle store.

The Friends shelter has a diabetic dog named Starla who is blind from cataracts.  They are trying to raise money so she can have surgery to remove her cataracts and restore her eyesight.  I know from treating Zekes dog diabetes for 5 years and paying for his cataract surgery and follow up care how expensive it all is so I plan to donate towards her care.   She looks very sweet, you can see here here Channel 4 Pet Of The Week Starla .

Do you have a diabetic dog?  If so please leave me a comment and tell me about him or her.

Zeke the Diabetic Dog Passes Away

With great sadness we announce that Zeke has passed away on August 26, 2012.    Zeke had had a couple seizures in the night and was in quite bad shape.   Unfortunately I was out of town on a short vacation.  My husband took him him to a veterinarian who felt that the only option would be to put him to sleep.   Zeke would have been 16 years old in a few months on Dec. 1.   He lived a good long life and was a very loyal friend who I will miss for the rest of my life.  

Zeke had been diagnosed with dog diabetes in July 2007 but we were able to manage it ok with help from the veterinarian and with the right pet meds.  At the time I thought it was a death sentence for him but it turned out not to be.

In March of 2012 Zeke was diagnosed with canine kidney disease.  His symptoms included excessive drinking and urinating and very dilute urine that looked almost like water.    Zeke lived for about 6 months with the kidney disease. It was often difficult to get him to eat although I could usually find something that he would eat at least some of.

Shortly after being diagnosed with kidney disease Zeke had some other type of event occur that involved lots of circling for about an hour, followed by loss of eyesight in his one remaining good eye.  Our veterinary opthamalogist determined that the retina had detached in that eye for an unknown reason.  Zeke had cataract surgery in January 2008 and I was thankful that he regained eyesight for an additional 4 years.  Zeke lived his last 6 months in blindness.  It took him a month or two to adapt to the blindness.  For the first month he felt most comfortable hanging out in the bedroom.  After that he gradually resumed his normal habits of walking around the yard sniffing, laying under the desk in the home office, and laying on the rug in the family room.  

Zeke had been receiving 400 units of sub-cutaneous fluids at home daily and was pretty good up to the end, just a week prior to his death I had taken him for a walk.  Because of his age I only took him on half the usual walk, when it was time to turn around he kept pulling to continue on and it took me a few minutes to convince him to turn around.  So I didn't think he felt to bad at that time.  

Goodbye Zeke.  You have been a good friend and I will miss you.