Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog

Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog
Zeke is believed to be a Puggle

Zeke Has Kidney Disease

Last Tuesday Zeke decided to stop eating and was being very finicky with food. I took him to his veterinarian who did blood work and an x-ray of his abdomen.  The X-ray was normal but Zekes bloodwork showed that his kidney disease has worsened since the last time it was checked in mid-march. His Creatinine went from 1.9 (which was just above the normal value of 1.8 in a dog) to 3.8.  His vet suspected that the kidney disease was causing him to be nauseated and to not want to eat.  She set me up with bags of subcutaneous fluid, tubing, and needles and showed me how to give Zeke fluids at home.    Zeke perked up almost right away after the first treatment so I was glad for that as I am not ready to see Zeke go.

I seem to have no problem doing the morning treatment of fluids.  But in the evening for some reason when I stick the needle in Zekes skin he always turns around, gives me a dirty look, and then barks at me for jabbing him and the needle comes out.  I am going to talk to his vet tomorrow.  Zeke seems to be doing much better with receiving the one fluid treatment per day he is getting.  I will see what she thinks about continuing that.

Zeke the Diabetic Dog Has A Detached Retina

Zeke was diagnosed by his veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Easton, at Veterinary Vision in Rochester Hills, Michigan as having a detached retina in his right eye. Dr. Easton made the diatnosis by doing an ultrasound on Zekes right eye and she also did a test called a colorimeter.  After doing the tests she thought that his vitreous had just deteriorated and caused the retina to detach.   Dr. Easton prescribed Prednison eye drops for his right eye and said that getting the inflammation out of the eye might help the eye to heal but it was doubtful that he would get much vision back in the eye.   

Zeke had his cataract surgery done at this clinic by Dr. Ebbinger just over 4 years ago now.  Prior to the surgey Zeke was completely blind from cataracts caused most likely by his diabetes until the surgery so I am thankful that he got just over 4 extra years of vision.  Zeke has always received excellent care from both Dr. Easton and Dr. Ebbinger.  I highly recommend them if you are in Michigan and in need of a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Zeke Recovering From Being Disoriented

It has been almost a week now since Zekes incident with being disoriented occurred.  His symptoms were he was circling to the right, didn't seem to know where he was, appeared to not be able to see out of his right eye which was his only good eye, and just could not relax for an hour or so.  By the end of the week Zeke had improved somewhat but still was not normal so his vet prescribed Baytril just in case he has an inner ear infection going on.  She doubts this is the case but at this point it was worth a try.  Zeke will be visiting his veterinary phthalmologist tomorrow for an evaluation of his right eye.  Our regular vet suspects that it is something with Zekes brain such as a stroke or brain tumor.  Both are not good things.

Zeke has been sleeping a little more than usual but his attitude has been good.  He is no longer disoriented and the circling stopped after the first night.  But his eyesight is gone in the right eye.  Zeke had cataract surgery 4 years ago and his right eye has been perfect.   But when he had his episode of disorientation almost a week ago now he appeared to be able not to see. The regular vet confirmed that by shining a light in his eye and getting zero response.  

On his left eye the ophthalmologist suspected that his retina detached 2 weeks after surgery and the resulting glaucoma ruined the eye.   So if the sight in the right eye is gone this leaves Zeke a blind dog which is sad as he is still normally very mobile and enjoys running off.  I am keeping a much closer eye on him now.

Our vet is curious to know what the ophthalmologist thinks happened to Zekes right eye as it may give clues as to what happened to cause his being disoriented.