Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog

Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog
Zeke is believed to be a Puggle

Top 10 Dog Diabetes Online Resources

I have done alot of online research on dog diabetes so that I can educate myself on how to manage Zekes' dog diabetes.  Below are some websites that I feel are very helpful and contain alot of information on dog diabetes.

K9 Diabetes (great forum on dog diabetes)

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM

Vet Info Dog Diabetes

Pet Diabetes

Pets Web MD

Diabetes in Dogs

Washington State Univ Veterinary College

Merck Vet Manual

Pets With Diabetes Forum

Canine Diabetes

Have you come across some great online resources for managing your dogs diabetes?  If so please feel free to post them in the comments below.

Update on Vetsulin Critical Need Program Pricing

I took Zeke to his veterinarain for a check up over the weekend.  She had completed the paperwork to enroll Zeke in the Vetsulin Critical Need Program which is for dogs who cannot be safely transitioned to another type of insulin.   The price to get Vetsulin directly from Intervet, the manufacturer of Vetsulin, will be $42 for a 10ml vial (we used to pay $33 and then $35 before) plus shipping costs.  There would be a flat rate shipping cost for up to 5 vials.  The most vials we could purchase at one time based on Zekes' current Vetsulin dosage would be 6 vials.   So I need to compare this to the pricing on the Caninsulin (Canadian Vetsulin) that I ordered from an online pharmacy in Canada and see what is cheaper.  Without doing the math I think the pricing is pretty similar.

Vetsulin Critical Need Program

With my stockpile of Vetsulin about to run out later this summer I ordered Caninsulin from a Canadian mail-order pharmacy that handles pet meds. Caninsulin is the same exact medication as Vetsulin only it is sold under the name Caninsulin in Canada. What I would normally pay about $66 for here cost me $88 plus $14 for shipping so it is much more expensive. The Caninsulin took about 1 week to arrive and was shipped with an ice pack in the box.

Zekes' veterinarian has enrolled him in Intervets' Vetsulin Critical Need program which is for dogs with diabetes who for health reasons cannot be switched to another type of insulin. The way the program works is that the veterinarian fills out a form and sends it to the manufacturer of Vetsulin, once they approve it, the manufacturer will send the Vetsulin medication directly to the pet owner, and then they will bill the veterinarian who will then bill the dogs owner. Sounds kind of complicated but I suppose they think this will prevent the vet from dispensing the Vetsulin to newly diagnosed dogs. 

In any case I am very glad that I will still be able to get the Vetsulin here in the USA. We do not have any information yet on how much the Vetsulin will cost under the Critical Need program. I will post an update once I know more.

Below is a link to Intervets page about the Vetsulin Critical Need program.  If you scroll about halfway down you will see it.

Vetsulin Critical Need Program