Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog

Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog
Zeke is believed to be a Puggle

How to Locate your Pet using a Lost Pet Searching Service

There are many pet recovery services that will help you in locating your lost pet. Some lost pet searching services may use of a bloodhound to locate you pet. Other services are available online as a search registry for lost and / or stolen pets. Below you will find detail on a few respectable lost pets services that are available today.

Bloodhound Search Services

They have the ability to differentiate fragrance and scent more than a thousand times over a human’s ability to smell. The bloodhound's perseverance on a trail is credited to its dominant long snout that leads the way, and its vital supportive features that make this breed to go-to in search and rescue. You may ask if a bloodhound be trained and skilled in locating your lost pet, and the answer is, yes. The bloodhound has unique qualities to smell its target -- by using its trailing scent, it can distinguish between the target’s scent and many other scents. When the bloodhound is trailing a particular odor, it can locate you missing pet.

Search Lost Pet Data Base

You can search online and find numerous online databases that serve lost and found pets. You simply enter your location and some information about your dog and submit. The next step is to begin searching through the found dog listings. Many people who find pets will post the picture on the found websites with detailed description of the pet as well as location where the pet was found -- making it easier for the lost pet’s parents to skim through and locate.

These websites will also provide you with tips on what you can do after submitting your lost pet information online.

A few tips you may find on these online search database websites is:

 Take a picture of your dog with you
  •  Take a flashlight
  •  Take a whistle
  •  Search Shelters
  •  Search Veterinarians clinics and hospitals

Use a Pet Classified Service

There are quite a few ways to post a classified ad regarding your lost pet, however it is recommended that you use one of the major, most viewed pet classified ad services online. This will ensure that more people will see the ad and increase the chance of your lost furry child being found and returned home to you and your family.
Additionally, if you have found a pet, call the number on the tag right away or post on ad on one if the major pet finder ad websites. The parents of this wonderful pet are looking, and you can improve the chance of reuniting the pet with his or her loved ones.

Take a picture and be very descriptive when using the online ad services. The more details you can include the better the result.

For most, their animals are more than just pets. These pets are actual members of a family and losing one can cause fright, fear, and terrible heartache. Microchips, posters, ads and pet rescue services are there to both prevent a pet from being lost and locate you missing pet.

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