Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog

Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog
Zeke is believed to be a Puggle

Vetsulin Critical Need Program

With my supply of Canadian Vetsulin, also known as Caninsulin, running out I requested that my vet order the Vetsulin on a Wednesday.  On Friday morning the UPS driver brought my package of Vetsulin.  I was surprised at how quickly it arrived.  It was shipped via UPS Next Day Air and well packaged with a gel ice pack that was still half frozen. 

I paid $42 per 10ml bottle plus $12.90 for shipping on 2 10 ml bottles.   This is just a little more expensive than purchasing Caninsulin from the online Canadian pharmacy where I paid $88 for ten 2.5 ml bottles plus $14 for shipping.

With the Vetsulin having the issues with consistency of strength it is better for me to purchase the larger bottles so that Zeke is getting more of the standard Vetsulin dose with each injection.   I could not find the 10ml bottles of Vetsulin / Caninsulin at the one Canadian pharmacy that I could find selling Vetsulin online.

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  1. I am intimately aware of this issue with the Vetsulin shortages. I send you my love and prayers for your beloved Zeke. My Siberian Husky, Emelie, was diagnosed with diabetes in October of 2009. She had excellent results with the Vetsulin, and her diabetic condition became stable on the Vetsulin in a very short time. I was so relieved! The day that I took her into the Vet I felt that it was imminent that I would lose her. Once she was stabilized, I began to believe that she could still have a long life ahead of her.

    I took Emelie in several months ago because I was afraid that she was having complications due to her diabetes. Although completely unexpectedly, I found out that she had a massive tumor. I lost her due to the tumor. I was absolutely devastated! I do believe that she would have lived a number of years longer even with her diabetes being treated with the Vetsulin.

    I purchased a large inventory of Vetsulin since the product was being discontinued. I did not wish for her to have to transition to another insulin which would involve numerous glucose curves being performed on her. Thus, I have eleven (11) brand new vials that have never been used. The vials do not expire until 3/11.

    If you would be interested in acquiring any additional Vetsulin, I have an ad on Craigslist. You can do a search for Vetsulin, and it will bring up my ad so you can contact me. I am in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

    I know the scare that I felt when I learned that Vetsulin would not be produced any longer. Since the supply is so limited, I would hate for the insulin to go to waste.