Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog

Zeke, a 15 Year Old Diabetic Dog
Zeke is believed to be a Puggle

How To Give A Diabetic Dog an Insulin Injection

When Zeke was first diagnosed with dog diabetes I was sure there would be no way that I would be able to give him an injection without being bitten.   Zeke has always been a feisty little dog.   He is very sweet but if you are doing something to him that he doesn't like he is going to let you know.

My veterinarians' assistant taught me to do the shots by lifting the nape of his neck up in the air, kind of like a tent.   Then just stick the needle in, push, and you are done.

I give Zeke his Vetsulin injection while his head is in the food bowl.  That way his mind is on the food and not on me.  So far he is tolerating it quite well.  In the rare case where I forget to give the injection while he is eating I wait for him to go outside.  While he is going out the doorway then I give him the injection.  Remember to always give the injection once the dog has eaten at least half of his / her food.

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